Novera Protein

Novera Protein uses state of the art equipment specifically designed, engineered and built exclusively for the production of Novera Protein products. To meet the high standards for quality and consistency there are over two dozen “critical point” checks established to monitor the process start to finish. You can be assured of the same high quality and consistency ton after ton, load after load.

The Novera technology produces products that are a multi grain protein complex. This means that we use a variety of plant proteins formulated to meet specific nutritional requirements. Protein sources used in the manufacturing process may include, canola meal, sunflower meal, soybean meal, linseed meal, fermentation byproducts or cottonseed meal depending on the finished product specifications required.

The unique system used to formulate and manufacture Novera products can produce a huge number of different finished products. Although there are specification differences in the products they will all meet the same high quality and consistency standards:

  • Products will range from 38% to 50% crude protein on an as fed basis
  • Rumen undegradable protein (RUP) will be 75% or better
  • Metabolizable protein will exceed 90%. (post ruminal digestibility)
  • Very desirable amino acid profile
  • Contains no animal proteins.
  • Contains no additives
  • Very palatable
  • Free flowing
  • Economical


Novera Protein is in Ixonia, Wisconsin and is a joint venture between Novera, Inc and Insight FS a member of Growmark Cooperative. 

Novera Protein is a standalone business with independent management and staff. The plant is situated on a shared site with an FS Insight grain facility.


Six years of research, analysis and product development. The results are in. Novera Protein is the dairy feed protein supplement is nutritional and economical for your herd.