Novera Inc.



New York Research

This study was conducted in a well managed, high production herd in New York. Two matched pens of 118 cows each were used in the study.

Study Procedure

  • Pens were matched for average days in milk.
  • Milk production
  • The pen rations were identical and balanced by an independent nutritionist.
  • The control ration contained 3 lbs. per head per day of a nationally known treated soy product.
  • The test ration replaced the soy product with 3 lbs.per head per day of Novera 45 .
  • Daily feed intake for each pen was collected.
  • DHIA records were used for milk components.
  • Dairy Comp results were used for milk production.
  • The study began July 5 and ended August 10.

Study Results

  • The control cows averaged 92.25 pounds of milk per day. The Novera 45 cows averaged 95.94 pounds of milk per day. An increase of 3.7 pounds per day. Statistically significant at P < 0.0317.
  • There were numerical increases in milk component production with the Novera 45 diet but the increases were not statistically significant.
  • Feed intake on the rations was nearly identical 55.53 for the control ration and 55.62 on the Novera 45 ration.
  • 3.7 pounds increase in milk production with the same feed intake.

Palatability and Flowability Evaluation

Three feed mills in the Northeastern United States were provided 50 tons of Novera 45 each and asked to substitute it on a pound per pound with the soy based products they were currently using. The mills were asked to monitor the handling characteristics in the bins and report on farms using the product to determine if there were any palatibility problems


  • Three mills participated.
  • There were no handling or storage problems reported.
  • One mill had product in a bin for 60 days with no bridging or other problems noticed.
  • 26 dairy herds received the Novera 45 ranging in size from 120 to 450 lactating cows.
  • A total of 2,380 cows were fed Novera 45
  • The average feed rate was 3 lbs. per head per day and ranging from 1.5 to 4.0 pounds per day.
  • 2 herds top dressed, 5 had a pelleted feed, 8 added directly to a TMR mixer the balance received  the product in a mill mix fed direct or in a TMR.
  • None of the herds reported any palatibility problems or handling problems with Novera 45.